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January  2024

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Top News

US to charge Guantanamo three
Rift threatens Italian coalition
Shell reports record $25bn profit
Defiant Blair rejects quit calls
Composer Gian Carlo Menotti dies
Three jailed for Moscow bombings
France 'dims' for climate protest
UK 'terror plot' suspects quizzed
Tests show UK bird flu is H5N1 virus
Italian league halted by violence
US report warns of Iraq 'peril'
Mumbai building collapse kills 15
Bomber kills Pakistani soldiers
Taleban forces retake Afghan town
US agrees to Russia WTO entry
Kidnappers seize Iraqi minister
African flood rescue gathers pace
UK and Pakistan forge terror pact
Ex-KGB agent poisoning probed
Indonesia sees anti-Bush rallies
Israeli aircraft strike Hamas car
Mauritania stages historic poll
India tests medium range missile
Buyers line up for Nintendo Wii
Italians intercept migrant boat
Which team at the World Cup should neutral fans support?
Fears over DR Congo campaigning
LRA attack in Sudan
Deaths in Ethiopia ambush
Islamist threat to Somali talks
Zimbabwe-China energy deal
Kibaki's anger at Armenian links
Guinea police clash with students
Lawmakers defend Pakistan strike
Iran plans Holocaust conference
Sharon tracheotomy 'successful'
Socialist favored as Chile votes
Afghan blast hits Canadian troops
Bird flu suspected in Turkey death
Hussein trial chief judge resigns
Kuwaiti emir dies at 77
Fake gun student is brain dead 
Finn voting goes to second round
Finn voting goes to second round
Loin cloth wearers arrested
The 12th century hat which makes the pope look like Santa
'No evidence' Saddam was tortured
UK atrocities planned - Met chief
Blair makes surprise Iraq visit
EU reform call 'unites factions'
Anti-nuclear MPs challenge Blair
Call to trim nuisance hedge costs
Police merger plans are unveiled
Party job for Tory donor Ashcroft
Oil depot rules review urged
UK signs up to Euro Mars mission
Scores die in Iranian air crash
Hussein threatens to skip court
Republicans blast Dean on Iraq
Web officials consider sex domain
Nations shamed with fossil awards
Flu vaccine supply to be reviewed

                      Media review  Last Updated: 10.01.2024 


Hunt for Florida tornado victims

Rescuers in Florida search for survivors after storms and a tornado kill at least 19 people in the US state. ...>>>

E.ON ups bid for Endesa to $53bn

E.ON ups bid for Endesa to $53bn
German firm E.ON, the only bidder for Spain's Endesa, has raised its final offer after a lengthy takeover battle. ...>>>

Expert doubts widespread HIV risk

The risks of HIV/Aids are being overstated, a former World Health Organization expert says. ...>>>

Terror stress effect 'widespread'

Terror stress effect 'widespread'
Terrorist attacks affect people's mental health even when they are not directly involved, experts say. ...>>>

Humans blamed for climate change

Human activity is likely to increase global temperatures by 1.8-4C over the next century, scientists warn. ...>>>

Hope for safe prenatal gene test
Work by US scientists could lead to a non-invasive test to detect genetic abnormalities in the womb. ...>>>

Storage growth sets a fast pace

BBC Click looks at the technologies helping us to store digital music, photos and video on our computers. ...>>>

Word works with open file styles

Word works with open file styles
A translation tool released by Microsoft will make it easier for users to move and share text files in open formats. ...>>>

Kylie and partner announce split

Singer Kylie Minogue and boyfriend Olivier Martinez split up after four years, it has been announced. ...>>>

Fawcett is given cancer all-clear

Fawcett is given cancer all-clear
US actress Farrah Fawcett is told by her doctors that she has made a complete recovery from cancer. ...>>>

Police investigate after a former Russian KGB colonel living in Britain is poisoned by the toxic chemical thallium. ...>>>

A chief constable defends his comment about the "grey area" of young men who have sex with girls under 16. ...>>>

Probe into ex-KGB agent poisoning
Police investigate after a former Russian KGB colonel living in Britain is poisoned by the toxic chemical thallium. ...>>>

US paves way for Russia WTO entry
Russia and the US sign a trade agreement that allows Russia to join the WTO after 12 years of negotiations....>>>

Asia-Pacific leaders pledge to revive global trade talks and warn of "grave" consequences of not doing so. ...>>>

Agreement is reached at the UN climate talks in Kenya, after a deal on reviewing the Kyoto Protocol proved elusive. ...>>>

Probe to predict wound infection
A hand-held probe could cut the number of patients who develop infections following operations. ...>>>

Nintendo releases its Wii games console in the US, hoping to fight back against Sony and Microsoft. ...>>>

Music labels lose MP3 search case
China's leading web search engine is cleared of copyright infringement by a Beijing court. ...>>>

Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes fly to the Maldives for their honeymoon, a day after their wedding in Italy. ...>>>

Amnesty International accuses China of being one of world's most secretive and irresponsible arms exporters. ...>>>

EU ministers reach a joint stance to start membership talks with Turkey, overcoming Cypriot objections. ...>>>

Child sex snatch jailing 'insult'
The family of a child attacked by a convicted paedophile on early release, says his sentence is 'an insult'. ...>>>

A Microsoft blogger who made the software giant more human is leaving for a technology start-up. ...>>>

EBay to launch keyword ad system
EBay is to launch keyword ads - where users will be linked to auctions based on words from web pages they are visiting. ...>>>

Alan Bennett's The History Boys takes six Tony Awards, including best play, in New York. ...>>>

Cars takes US box office honours
Pixar's animated comedy Cars races to the top of the US box office on its first weekend of release. ...>>>

Chinese censors 'cut Cruise film'
Mission: Impossible III is cut for violent scenes and cultural references before its release in China, reports say. ...>>>

Ministers are to lose the power to decide if sex offenders can work in schools, the BBC learns. ...>>>

A capsule containing comet particles and interstellar dust touches down in Utah after a seven-year mission. ..>>>

Mobile TV services seem to be getting off the ground as reflected in the many portable video devices at CES. ...>>>












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